You can watch my OBTSv6 talk on youtube

Posted on 2023-12-18 in blog • Tagged with macOS, OBTS, talk

I forgot to post about my talk here, so here it is for those who missed my tweet:

Unexpected, Unreasonable, Unfixable: Filesystem Attacks on macOS by Gergely Kalman

Unexpected, Unreasonable, Unfixable - My slides from OBTS v6

Posted on 2023-10-15 in blog • Tagged with macOS, ASB, 0day, OBTS, talks

For those that missed the OBTS v6 conference and live stream, here are the slides of my talk:

Gergely Kalman: Unexpected Unreasonable Unfixable

There should be a video of the talk coming out on the official OBTS youtube channel as well.

As for me, I will publish a writeup for …

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